District Profile

District Kasur is situated along with the international border between India and Pakistan. It is a major tourist attraction because of the famous guard changing ceremony at Head Ganda Singh Wala. The city is also the resting place of Sufi poet Bulleh Shah. Furthermore, Kasur is famous for its very tasty fish, a sweet dish called Andrassay, Falooda and Kasuri Methi. Following are the famous places in the District: -
1. Phool Nagar industrial area
2. Pattoki is the 7th dense industrial area Pakistan
3. Chunian is famous for its sugar mills. Abdullah sugar mill is the largest sugar mill of Pakistan
4. Kot Radha Kishan is famous for being related to lord Kirashan and his beloved Radha (of hindu-ism) and industries
5. Changa Manga the largest forest of Pakistan situated in tehsil Chunian
6. Shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah, Kasur city
7. Shrine of Baba Saddar Dwan, Kasur city
8. Kasur Railway Junction
9. Kasur Museum
10. Tomb Hazarat Baba Kamal Cishti in Kasur city
11. Ganda Singh wala border, Pakistan-India Border 
12. Balloki Headworks and Balloki power plant
13. Shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Bukhari (Baba Sha Janda), near Pattoki city in the village also named after him
14. Gurdwara Hardo Sahari and Samadh Pir Sahari Chhina Jatt. Village Hardo Sahari
15. Steel Bagh Kasur
Kasur district is located in the Lahore Division of the Punjab Province, Pakistan. It came into existence as a district on 01st July 1976. Prior to its creation, it was a Tehsil of Lahore district.
The district capital is Kasur city; the birth place of the Sufi poet Bulleh Shah, who is well known in the region as well as in the entire Pakistan. The total area of the district is 3,995 square kilometers.
Deputy Commissioner is the head of District Administration whose main function is to supervise the activities of the district administration which consists of Police Department and Civil Administration. There are many departments in the district administration such as Revenue Department, Police, Health, Education, Agriculture and other Departments.
Deputy Commissioner is direct head of the Revenue Department in the district. Deputy Commissioner is also the Chairperson of Education and Health Authorities in the district. Efficient and effective service delivery is the main responsibility of the district administration.


Kasur town is situated, 55 kilometres south of Lahore. The district lies from 300 -40' to 310 - 20' north latitudes and 730 - 38' to 740 - 41' east longitudes.


Kasur is bounded on the north by Lahore district, on the east and south-east by India, on the south-west by Okara district and on the north-west by Nankana Sahib District.


The district has total area of 3,995 square kilometers divided into 4 Tehsils namely Kasur, Chunian, Pattoki and Kot Radha Kishan It has ten Municipal Committees and 125 Union Councils.

General Statistics

General statistics for the District Kasur are mentioned as below:

  • Tehsils: 04 
  • Towns: 10
  • Union Councils: 125
  • National Assembly Seats: 04
  • Provincial Assembly Seats: 09
  • Villages: 641
  • Total Population: 3.46 m (As per Census 2017) (Urban: 25%, Rural: 75%)
  • Kanungoi Circles: 24
  • Patwar Circles: 192
  • Total Area (acre): 975,462
  • Cultivated Area (acre): 808,110
  • Uncultivated Area (acre): 167,352
  • Area (in kms): 3,995 sqkms