CCTV Cameras for Surveillance

The camera have been installed in the following areas:

  • Installed CCTV Cameras in Commissioner office, Deputy Commissioner office and Kasur Katchery for the safety of employees and public
  • Mounted CCTV Cameras in Dar ul Amman to control the unfor seen  incidents
  • Installed CCTV Cameras at the entry and exit points of Kasur to enhance the security


The following initiatives have been taken in terms of development in the District:

  • Erected numerous roads for the easiness of Kasur's citizens which also helped to enrich the trade activities
  • Started "Rang Do Kasur" compaign which helped Multan to improve its attractiveness
  • Constructed Health Councils for the poor and needy
  • Upgraded Gov't Hospoitals for the better treatment of patients

Work for Humanity

Following intiatives have been taken for the betterment of the humanity:

  • Provided Financial Assistance to widows and needy families
  • Injected water filteration plants in numerous schools to provide healthy water to the children with the vision that children are the real asset for society
  • Constructed first ever VAWC (Violence Against Women Center) in Multan for the protection of women and their rights