Agriculture (Flora & Fauna)

District Characteristics

  • Turmeric, Arvi is cultivated in few District including Kasur
  • Famous for methi production
  • Mixed cropping i.e. cereals, Cotton, Sugar- Cane, Vegetables, pulses etc
  • Rich in Livestock and dairy food
  • Blessed with fertile and rich soil situated between Ravi and Sutlej rivers
  • The oldest man made irrigated plantation (Chhanga Manga) exist in the District


Flora of the district has been greatly modified by human agency, of the old open forests of small trees and shrubs, there remains only a few Rakhs or portions of forest which are kept as gazing ground for cattle, etc. Amongst trees the most important are Kikar (Acacia arbica), Shisham or Tahli (Dalbergia sissoo), Beri (Zizyphus jajaba), Toot (Morus marlaccae), Sharin (Albizzia lebbek, Dharek (Malia azerdaracb), Phulahi (Acacia modesta) and Nim (Melia indica). Piple (Ficus religiosa) and Bohar (Ficus indica) are planted for shade. The growth in Rakhs is composed mainly of three kinds of trees Jand (Prosopis spicigera), Karril (Capparis aphylla), and Van or Jal (Salvadora obeoides). Occasionally Pelu (Acacia loucophhloea) and Farash (Tamarix articulata) are also found. Pilchhi (Tamarix gallio) is found on moist sandy soil along the rivers and is used for wicker-work, basket making etc.


Wolf and jackal are the only wild animals of any importance. The former being met with occasionally in the low land wastes of Chunian Tehsil but jackal are found every where. Chhanga Manga reserve, a thick forest, is the only area in which a few Nelgai, pig, peafowl and hare are found.